Lean Six Sigma Courses & Training

for SME, IASSC, and ASQ certification

Lean, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma are data-driven, practical approaches to reducing wasted time, energy, and resources for any kind of business. It’s not just about manufacturing anymore; LSS is now used by organizations ranging from hospitals to IT services consultants to mom-and-pop bakeries.  They know that it reduces waste while increasing profitability and customer satisfaction. With Lean Six Sigma, you can meet your customer and stakeholder needs more efficiently and effectively.

Whether you’re an organization making the Lean transition, an individual seeking certification, or a small business owner who wants to take your business to the next level — we can help you learn how.

Lean vs Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma?

Lean and Six Sigma used to be completely separate systems for solving manufacturing problems. Lean was born in the 1940s at Toyota, and Six Sigma developed in the 80s at Motorola.

Lean is about identifying waste so you can minimize or eliminate it. It focuses on what’s valuable to the customer – so you can stop spending time and money on things that don’t add value for them.

Six Sigma is about identifying the root cause of problems, so you can solve them faster and prevent defects – and unhappy customers.

Lean Six Sigma teaches you how to use these tools together in a single system. Some companies use just Lean, some use Six Sigma, and some use the combination of the two. It’s important to know what system your employers, clients, and industry use. That’s why we teach our students to move fluidly between all three.

We’re Not Your Average Training Program

 Flexible Options

  • All day bootcamps, weekend, or night classes available
  • Small class size – just 2-5 students in every class
  • Choose from in-person instruction, live webinars, or online courses – or any combination of the three
  • One-on-one sessions with your instructor
  • Affordable on-site corporate training

Custom Resources

  • Online videos & study tools included in your tuition
  • Course material & case studies customized to your industry & experience
  • Audio & video recordings of every session for you to access – anytime, anywhere
  • Supplementary podcasts you can listen to on your commute, while you exercise, or work
  • Flash cards, study guides, cheat sheets to save you time while you study

 Experience & Results

  • Instructors with 40+ years combined experience – managing real projects and teaching project management
  • Our student pass rate for all certifications exceeds industry standards
  • If you don’t pass the first time, you can retake the course for free
  • Experience adapting courses for students with learning and physical disabilities – and helping them succeed.
  • Custom tools and workshops help large organizations move beyond the classroom – and develop practical solutions they can implement immediately.

Our Curriculum


Our courses cover the entire Body of Knowledge for the American Society for Quality (ASQ), the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), and the International Association of Six Sigma Certification. This includes support developing real workplace improvement projects required for certification.

  • Develop an understanding of Lean, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma
  • Understand and use Lean Six Sigma tools
  • Identify wasteful activities & why they should be eliminated
  • Be able to participate in and drive Lean Six Sigma projects
  • Understand the roles and strategies for Lean Six Sigma implementation
  • Understand how to achieve higher quality and greater speed
  • Apply Lean principles to case studies and real work problems
  • Present Lean Six Sigma results and projects to management
  • Develop and present persuassive proposals for Lean Six Sigma projects

Course Tuition

Tuition starts as low as $1000. That includes the full course, all course materials, access to our online study tools and supplementary videos, and personal recordings of *your* sessions e to help you while you prepare for the exam. Classes are available online or at our facility in Spokane, Wa. Want us to come to you? Need a group discount? Contact us for a custom quote!


That’s less than half what you’d pay other companies for the same a small class size, personal attention, flexible scheduling, and custom study materials. We practice what we preach and run a Lean operation – which means we can pass more savings and value on to you. We also offer discounts to military, veterans, and small business owners.


Our student pass rate for all courses exceeds industry averages.* We’re proud of our track record, and we work hard to maintain it. If you don’t pass the certification exam on your first try, we promise you can take our course again – for free.

Meet Your Instructors

Mer Headshot 2014_06
Meredith Hutchison Hartley, CQIADirector of Making It Work
At 18, Meredith became the youngest person to receive a certification from the American Society for Quality. Her work experience has run the gamut from national exam reviews to  international technology firms, local non-profits to in-home preschools. She is a 2009 FINRA fellow, military-trained Thai linguist, sushi enthusiast, and confirmed geek.

Click here to read Meredith’s full bio

Frank Headshot 2014_06
Dr. Frank E. Hutchison, CQM/OEDirector of Getting It Done
A physicist by trade, author by choice, a born teacher, a retired veteran, and an adamant problem solver, Frank has helped the White House, federal agencies, historical museums, manufacturers, and over 250 technology startups get stuff done and find solutions. In his spare time, he makes sawdust and watches Godzilla movies.

Click here to read Frank’s full bio.

Emily Headshot 2014_06
Emily H. Geddes, MBADirector of Practical Solutions
Emily has, at various times, jumped out of an airplane at 10,000 feet, worked in health care administration, lived in and traveled around Europe, and interned at an electron beam accelerator facility. She’s our resident whiz at eliminating waste and making daily work doable. Emily specializes in operations, raises chickens, and has her library card number memorized.


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* DISCLAIMER: Our lawyers told us we have to say “past performance is not an indicator of future performance.” But we’re very proud of our track record – and we promise we’ll work hard to make you a part of it. If you don’t pass the first time, you can take the course over again for free.