Why Flexible Schedules?

We get it. You have a job, kids, and commitments that don’t always make traditional all-day training courses possible. And even when you do schedule one, Murphy’s Law always seems to get in the way — a client has an emergency and needs you on site, your kid gets sick, or your car won’t start. The last thing you want is to have to withdraw from the class and wait months to schedule another one.

That’s why we offer our courses in multiple formats to accommodate busy schedules. And because we’re located right here in Spokane, we can easily schedule makeup sessions if something comes up.

Click play to hear Meredith explain more about our options for professional training and certification courses in Spokane, WA.

 Training & Certification Course Options

All-Day Bootcamps
Bootcamps are all-day courses that help you prepare for certification exams and master professional skills in an intensive environment. They’re ideal for people who learn best by immersion and thrive in a quick-paced environment. Click here to see our current GUARANTEED TO RUN courses now.
Evening Courses
Weekend Courses
Make-Your-Own Schedule


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