It’s a free business education event hosted by Me2 and Squishy Peanut Marketing.

The concept is simple. Four times a year, two crisis managers and a social media marketer get together and host an event geared towards helping businesses grow. You – a business owner, manager, entrepreneur, or non-profit professional in the Spokane area – come to the event and ask questions regarding our monthly topic. But really, you can ask us anything.


Here’s how it works:

Step One

You bring your fine self and your burning business questions.

Step Two

We bring a panel of business, marketing, and crisis management experts.

Step Three

You ask questions.

Step Four

We give answers.


Below, you’ll see details, pictures, and blog posts from the #SpokaneAMA (Spokane Ask Me Anything).


Deanna Tiemann from Squishy Peanut Marketing holding a question card for the #SpokaneAMA - Ask Me Anything

This is Deanna Tiemann from Squishy Peanut. She’s lots of fun and… ahem… not at all excited about the #SpokaneAMA.

photo (9)

Did we mention it’s FREE? Because it’s free. But space is limited. Claim your seat now!

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