$20 Sorry

I enjoy collecting stories that have a moral.  This is an ancient method of teaching exemplified by Aesop’s Fables, a collection of short stories that always illustrated a lesson about life.  We remember stories when we don’t remember facts or statements.  As humans, we’re wired that way.

The stories always […]

Theories X, Y and Z

Every organization has a culture established at its beginning and changed only with considerable effort and pain.  Leadership and management will operate on the basis of one of three theories of people – Theories X, Y and Z.

In a Theory X organization, people are considered lazy and therefore management […]

2016 in Review

It’s the end of the year and it’s a common feeling to feel that the year wasn’t a good one – we didn’t accomplish much – we’re no better off than we were at the beginning of the year.  It isn’t true but the little devil sitting on our […]

Emergency Preparedness – Part 3 Mitigation

Emergency Preparedness demands that one consider mitigation of risk – it’s not prevention but the identification of means to reduce the occurrence or impact of the results of an emergency.

It seems like a simple idea but it’s the execution of mitigation that is the real problem.  Because it’s easy […]

“Democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the others.*”

I’m writing this as I sit in the conference room at Northern Quest Resort and Casino waiting for the Republican County Convention to start.  We’re starting 45 minutes late.  Registration was a mess – The area was crowded and any signs were no more than 8” wide and situated […]

The Whichness of the Why

In the Lensmen series by E. E. “Doc” Smith, Kimball Kinnison teases his friend and fellow lensman Worsel by accusing him of contemplating the “whichness of the why” – implying that his friend was spending time on a useless endeavor.  But, like many questions which seem ridiculous, it’s actually […]

Who Knew and When?

Once again we have a scandal – people dying or being injured, companies denying they did anything wrong, it’s all a mistake – only to find out that the company did know and the problem was ignored or hidden at the direction of management.

The latest company is Takata, the […]

New Podcasts: Cultural Bias in the Quality Management Community

At Me2 Solutions we believe in Quality – but that doesn’t mean we don’t see the problems within the community.  Meredith spoke on the cultural bias in the Quality management community and you can hear her now!

In Season 4 of the Oh, Crap! podcast Meredith was interviewed about cultural […]

Take a Moment

A while ago, one of my start-up clients messaged me. It began: “You’re probably going to hate me for this…!”

That’s always a good sign, right? Sigh.

She continued: “I just committed to an amazing opportunity for us to triple our advertising exposure,” she went on. “A sponsor dropped out of […]

Washington State Releases Prisoners Early – so what?

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced a week before Christmas that as many as 3,200 prisoners since 2002 had been released early from state prisons because of a computer glitch which granted them more time off for good behavior than they should have received. The median number of days […]

Introducing Our New Series: The Hidden History of Business Podcast

You may have noticed that I haven’t been writing on the blog much this year. That’s because for the last ten months, Emily, Frank, and I have been working on a passion project.

Last year, we started researching the history of business plans… and we came up terribly short on information. […]

The VW Software Scandal Gets Bigger

The news today is that VW is in bigger trouble – their software evading of pollution testing appears to be not limited to their 6-cylinder diesels but also extends to the their 4-cylinder diesels. The company denies this but I suspect it’s true. Why?

First a little background. I have […]

The Easy Way

I love to study history – it invites me to consider how I would have behaved, the decisions I would have made, if I were in the place of famous people.

I particularly like to study the 20th century – the First and Second World War have many powerful lessons […]

The Beer Game

The Beer Game does not involve drinking beer – sorry if you’re disappointed.  The Beer Game is a business simulation developed by professors at MIT’s Sloan School of Management in the early 1960s to demonstrate a number of key principles of supply chain management.  It’s used by Peter Senge […]

Explanation for a 10-year old Girl

I’ve worked with a lot of women over the years – some were my bosses; others co-workers and some worked for me. Generally, I had good working relationships – to the point that I would often be the recipient of discourses on many topics that left me wanting to […]

Facing Reality

It is a sad commentary on people that many will do anything to avoid reality – even when doing so causes great damage to people they supposedly care about.
“No one deals with reality – only their perception of reality.”
The above quote was stated to me nearly 40 years ago. […]


With any start up business, it will be likely that you will have to pivot at some point. A pivot is where you change the direction and/or goal of your business because you have gained a better understanding of the potential customers’ needs or wants, the business environment has […]

Vision – Part 2

In our last post, we examined vision statements from Fortune 500 companies and, with the help of A Study of the 2005 Fortune 500 Vision Statements by Bart Kasowski and Louis Jacques Filion, we discovered that only 11% have “real” vision statements. As with the mission statement, few […]

Vision – Part 1

I recently stumbled across an interesting white paper: A Study of the 2005 Fortune 500 Vision Statements by Bart Kasowski and Louis Jacques Filion. In their white paper, they come to the conclusion that just 11% of the Fortune 500 provided clearly-identified vision statements that addressed the four essential […]

Your Mission Statement – Part 2

In our last post we gave some examples of bad and good mission statements and ended with the question of how you develop a good mission statement that will motivate you, your employees, your suppliers, and the public in general.

Let’s first talk about why you want a mission statement […]