6 Things You Really Need to Read This Week 7/3/2015

Good morning! Here are the articles and issues that got us buzzing this week:
1. Austen Heinz’s Suicide and The Dark Secret of Startups via Business Insider
If you read nothing else today, read this. Startup folk are suffering. They’re killing themselves.  And we’re not talking about it or taking it seriously. If […]

Your Unique Qualifications – Aren’t

Eventually, every business or organization has to answer the question – Why you instead of someone else? What makes you unique? Why should I do business with you instead of XYZ? What are your qualifications?

There are wrong answers to these questions.

We have the lowest prices – is it because […]

The Model T or “Now Anyone Can Do It”

106 years ago today, the Ford Motor Company first offered the Model T for sale. The Model T wasn’t the first automobile – Nicolas Joseph Cugnot built a steam-powered “auto-mobile” in 1769 and Karl Benz the first gasoline powered automobile in 1886 – but the Model T was the […]

Why You Might Want to Pass on Angel Investors

  It’s the dream, right – landing an angel investor who believes in your business so much that they’ll just give you money to make it happen? But angel investors are not the answer for everyone. In fact, for many businesses, they’re start up suicide. Case in point: […]

Why You Should Think Twice About Getting a Patent

Patents can be valuable – but most are a waste of resources. On the anniversary of the USPTO opening its doors, let’s discuss the real costs – and risks.

On July 31, 1970, the US Patent Office opened its doors for the first time. The very first patent was issued […]

Warning Signs

We last spoke of the need to ask questions instead of always making assumptions – it leads to less error and lower risk.  But how do you identify when someone is making an assumption?  Here’s a few markers to help you tell when assumptions are being made: Genius […]

8 Reasons Startups Fail – And How To Avoid Being One of Them

Most startups will fail – and it’s rarely because they lacked passion. Their founders are like baby birds who jump out of the nest too quickly, and fall into one or more of these common planning traps:
1. They aren’t selective about who they work with
These founders confuse convenience with […]

Q&A: Should I Pay An Independent Contractor for Cancelled Appointments?

Photo Credit: Mike Knapak via FlickrDear Meredith, Here is the situation: What is your opinion on canceled appointments and paying independent contractors? I run a tutoring business and have a few independent contractors for special subjects like math – until the business builds and I can hire them full-time.  When parents […]

Baby Elephants and Baby Birds: What Does It Mean To Be A Startup?

photo credit here

These days, the word “start-up” gets tossed around so much that we’re starting to lose its meaning.  And the meaning matters. Consider this: a lot of creatures can be classified as baby animals. But when you want to learn about baby birds, it doesn’t make sense to […]

Q&A: What Do I Do When Customers Want Me, Not My Employees?

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Background:  Kate* is a victim of catastrophic success. She’s never done a minute of marketing, but she’s full to capacity with a long waiting list. People ask for her by name, and it’s all from word-of-mouth marketing.  Me2  has been helping Kate manage that crisis with a plan for […]

Q&A: Help! I Have Too Many Ideas and Too Much to Do!

Photo Credit: csm-web via FlickrHey, Mer -My business is really starting to take off and I’m getting lots of feedback from my new customers. I have so many ideas for the new products and services they want, but I’m trying to bring on my new employees so I don’t […]

The Three Blogs I Read Every Day

 Startup Professional MusingsMarty Zwilling posts nearly every day – seven days a week – about entrepreneurship, management, and good ole common sense. His advice is always spot on, clear, and easy to apply to your life. He focuses on long term management, attitudes, and practical leadership.10 Key Risk Factors […]

The Dirty Three Questions

photo credit: bilal kamoon via flickr

Whenever I start working with a client that has an idea for a new business, I always start by asking three questions:

What are you going to offer that people will give you money for?
Why would people buy what you are offering rather than something […]