How to Eliminate a Website from Search Engines

This is a question we received at the Spokane Ask Me Anything sponsored by the Inland Northwest National Association of Women Business Owners held June 12, 2014.

SpokaneAMA: How do you eliminate an old website that you no longer want to show in searches?

Eliminating an old website is both easy and […]

6 Ways You’re Undermining Your Professional Credibility – and What Really Builds A Good Reputation

Our current business culture is going through a credibility crisis.  Every day, I get Twitter messages offering me “20,000 Twitter Followers for Only $49.99!” It’s easy for anyone to throw up a fancy website, manufacture reviews, or pad a resume.  Business owners get burned at epidemic rates by contractors […]

Welcome to February – Maybe You’re Not a Genius!

February is special to me because it was on February 1, 1908 that the USS Plunger, SS 2, was launched. I kept a line drawing – basically an outline of the ship and its components – on the wall of my office for many years. It was […]

Case Study: Why Information Leaks to the Press – Podcast Episode 6

When a scandal hits the news, the story you’re reading is never the whole story — and that’s not an accident. Information leaks for a reason. Anytime anyone shares any kind of information with another person, it’s because they hope it will help them somehow. They want to make […]

Sales Smart and Customer Foolish: Understanding Spin & PR

I have a built in BullS#!* Meter in my brain. My husband loves to tease me about it. Basically, I have this alarm system in my head that tells me when someone is trying to pull the wool over my eyes or dodge a question.

I wasn’t born with the […]