5 Ways to Spot Shady LinkedIn Profiles & Bogus Endorsements

Every time I log in to LinkedIn, I’m assaulted with bogus endorsement notifications. 

You know the ones:

“Joe Shmoe has endorsed you for Business Planning!”
or “Jane Doe has endorsed you for financial management!”

Every time it happens, I roll my eyes and think “What the what? I’ve never worked with Joe on […]

Spaghetti Sauce (or, Why Do I Have to Customize My Resume?)

vintage Prego ad, copyright PregoOnce upon a time, there was only one kind of spaghetti sauce – tomato-y and bland.  Prego was an also ran in the spaghetti sauce race but wanted to improve so they asked “what is the best spaghetti sauce?”  After testing many different types of […]

Prove Your Skills

A skill is defined by Wikipedia as “the learned capacity to carry out per-determined results often with the minimum outlay of time, energy, or both.”  For someone writing a resume, the importance of skills is paramount – they describe what it is that we do and how we do […]