SpokaneAMA – Increasing Event Attendance

Suggestions for getting attendance at an event?

Rule#1: Have a GREAT event!

Have an event that excites people – whether its excitement, a worthwhile cause, great conversation – something that the attendees will be talking about the next day and week. This requires that you plan in detail with plenty of […]

SpokaneAMA – Use the Google “News” Tab

Is it a good idea or helpful to use the “news” tab on Google when finding a job in a specific field?

When you have narrowed your job search to a specific firm or field, Google’s “news” tab can be a wonderful resource. Companies will divulge information in press releases […]

SpokaneAMA – Marketing a Non-profit Agency?

How would you market a non-profit counseling agency?

Marketing a non-profit counseling agency means addressing the same issues as any other organization – Why should I do business with you?

In order to answer this question effectively, I would start with your marketing efforts to current or past clients. Ask them […]

SpokaneAMA: Fundraising Rules

Fundraising 101 seminar told us lots of rules that weren’t obvious. Where do we to for help?

There are several sources of information for help for non-profits with their operations, events and fundraising efforts.

First of all, find someone who has done it before. This could be last year’s event chairperson, […]

The Three Blogs I Read Every Day

 Startup Professional MusingsMarty Zwilling posts nearly every day – seven days a week – about entrepreneurship, management, and good ole common sense. His advice is always spot on, clear, and easy to apply to your life. He focuses on long term management, attitudes, and practical leadership.10 Key Risk Factors […]

The Dirty Three Questions

photo credit: bilal kamoon via flickr

Whenever I start working with a client that has an idea for a new business, I always start by asking three questions:

What are you going to offer that people will give you money for?
Why would people buy what you are offering rather than something […]

12 Tips for Using Infographics Wisely (or, Don’t Be That Guy)

Alexander Pope said, “A little learning is a dangerous thing.” That has never been more true than today, when billions of bits of little information are just a few key strokes away. We’ve never had so much information – let alone visual information – available to us.  I mean, I […]