Keeping Trust with Your Customers

While meeting with a client recently, I was told a story about ordering a bike from Renovo Hardwood Bicycles.  Apparently, her husband is a cycling enthusiast and when he saw the Renovo wooden bikes he had to have one.  So an order was placed immediately with 50% down – […]

Have You Considered You Might Be Wrong?

I read a short story once about a king that got down in his cup and wrongly took exception to something that the court jester said. He ordered the court jester beheaded and, the king’s word being law, the sentence was swiftly carried out.

End of story? Not quite, because […]

In Business, Finished is Better than Perfect

In business, Starting and Finishing things are two sides of the same coin. You’ve got to Start Things –  be willing to get out of your head and start making things real. Whether it’s fiddling around with some plastic parts or putting words on paper, “Starting Things” is all […]

Why Customers Don’t Want to Buy Your Stuff

Years ago I heard a story about the president of Black and Decker who stunned an entire convention center imto deadly silence when he declared,“Our customers don’t want to buy our drills – they just want to make holes!”As someone who owns nine drills, most of which are used […]

Making Mistakes, Telling Tales, & Sinking Ships (PODCAST!)

Screen capture of the U.S.S. Secota sinking, via YouTube Last week, Frank told me about one of his darkest times in the military – a tragedy he could have prevented with the right information. See, back in the 80s, Frank worked supervised repairs on a tugboat named the U.S.S. Secota. […]