Escaping Buzzwurgatory: Part I – Why Bad Buzz Words Happen to Good People

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There are thousands of articles bashing buzz words. We get it — they’re often horrific, demoralizing, infuriating relics from the Ninth Gate of Hell. But they’re not all bad, nor are they always useless. Used properly, they can simply and succinctly communicate […]

11 Leadership Lessons From Godzilla

One week when I was eight, Channel 9 in Los Angeles chose Godzilla as their Million Dollar Movie – the original Godzilla with Raymond Burr. They played it every day for a whole week.  I saw the movie eight times in eight days!  It was love at first […]

When Service Sucks, Complain Up

photo credit: Dell’s Official Flickr PageWhen you’ve been burned by bad customer service, the thought of subjecting yourself to even more phone calls and emails is exhausting. It’s why most of us never complain up — contact the company’s HQ directly to complain about a problem. We’ll gladly vent […]

Productivity isn’t the Number of Key Strokes

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Recently on NPR, I listened to an article on how companies are trying to increase productivity by monitoring their employees’ key strokes and sharing that information with the employees.  Essentially, what it does is catch people playing Minesweeper, visiting Facebook or surfing the web […]

My USAA Customer Service Nightmare (and what I’m doing to fix it)

As I discussed earlier, my family was in a car accident last month. Our was a totaled, and settling our claim turned into a customer service nightmare. I’m sharing my experience – not to bash USAA, which is a fine company and has an excellent reputation – but because […]

Why You Need to Learn to Back Brief – NOW

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I considered titling this “Secrets of Back Briefing That Will Help You Lose Belly Fat and Win The Adoration of Millions,” but my husband suggested that it might be a weeeeee bit of an exaggeration.

Hyperbole aside, I’m a huge advocate of back briefing. It believe […]

Five Tips for Helping Flustered Customers (UPDATED)

photo credit: Dell’s Official Flickr PageYesterday, a phone call to my insurance company ended in tears.Oh yes – I’m a trained quality professional. I worked telephone tech support in college. I have endured a mostly unmedicated emergency C-section without shedding a tear. The word “badass” has been applied to […]