VW – Expertise and Trust

Frank and Meredith discuss the Volkswagen scandal – why it happens and how we can protect ourselves.

The basic paradox is that we need experts but how do we know that we can trust them?

Listen to the podcast here.

Oh, Crap! The Crisis Management Podcast: Season 2

Did you know that Me2 Solutions has a library of podcasts? We do! And we’ve recently added to our collection. Here’s our latest podcasts which you can download to listen wherever you want.  Or you can select Free Stuff in the menu above and then select Podcasts to access […]

Free Crisis Management Tools: Table Top Exercises

Just after 9/11, Frank helped a community organization in the DC area develop a disaster preparedness plan.  The group coordinated turning neighborhood churches into shelters and coordination centers in the event of an attack or natural disaster. The leadership was completely volunteer – they all had regular day jobs […]

The Dumbest Thing Young Professionals Do (Podcast)

The dumbest thing I see young professionals doing is refusing to admit when they don’t have an answer. It’s reputation suicide – and it’s a growing epidemic in the under-30 crowd.  And it’s perfectly understandable, because most of them have spent 4 years in college – where most students […]

Why Do People Lie So Much? (Podcast)

We’ve talked a lot about why people lie – and oh do they lie – in a crisis. In this episode we discuss hoe lies are rarely malicious – they’re motivated by fear. Frank and I have never dealt with a crisis that didn’t involve some form of dishonest. […]

Case Study: Why Information Leaks to the Press – Podcast Episode 6

When a scandal hits the news, the story you’re reading is never the whole story — and that’s not an accident. Information leaks for a reason. Anytime anyone shares any kind of information with another person, it’s because they hope it will help them somehow. They want to make […]

Five Ways People Hide Bad News – Podcast Episode 5

It’s human nature to cover up bad news. Luckily, how people cover up that bad news is also human nature. Learn the five ways people, media outlets, and politicians try to hide bad news and distract you from learning the truth in a crisis: Flooding, Burying, Blocking Fact Checking, Divertion, and […]

Real Crisis in History (or, Ben Franklin was a Jerk) – Podcast, Episode 4

Remember that time Benjamin Franklin convinced thousands of people that one of his competitors was dead just to boost sales of Poor Richard’s Almanac? Except the guy was very much alive? No? Well… he did. Franklin publish his almanac of predictions under the pseudonym “Richard Saunders.” And in the […]

Making Mistakes, Telling Tales, & Sinking Ships (PODCAST!)

Screen capture of the U.S.S. Secota sinking, via YouTube Last week, Frank told me about one of his darkest times in the military – a tragedy he could have prevented with the right information. See, back in the 80s, Frank worked supervised repairs on a tugboat named the U.S.S. Secota. […]