SpokaneAMA – Increasing Event Attendance

Suggestions for getting attendance at an event?

Rule#1: Have a GREAT event!

Have an event that excites people – whether its excitement, a worthwhile cause, great conversation – something that the attendees will be talking about the next day and week. This requires that you plan in detail with plenty of […]

SpokaneAMA – Marketing a Non-profit Agency?

How would you market a non-profit counseling agency?

Marketing a non-profit counseling agency means addressing the same issues as any other organization – Why should I do business with you?

In order to answer this question effectively, I would start with your marketing efforts to current or past clients. Ask them […]

SpokaneAMA: How do you recruit?

Here’s our first question from the our latest Spokane Ask Me Anything (SpokaneAMA):  We have too much to do and not enough people. How do you recruit? We are all volunteers.

Recruiting is a lot like dating – both parties must find something in the relationship that benefits them.

For the […]

Why You Might Want to Pass on Angel Investors

  It’s the dream, right – landing an angel investor who believes in your business so much that they’ll just give you money to make it happen? But angel investors are not the answer for everyone. In fact, for many businesses, they’re start up suicide. Case in point: […]

The Care and Feeding of Interns and Recruits

photo credit: tbisaacs via flickrRecent news stories have been highlight a practice among companies that use unpaid interns – being sued. You can read up about it here and here and here.  Yes, unpaid interns are suing companies because the interns never reaped the benefits they were supposed to have […]

Free Crisis Management Tools: Table Top Exercises

Just after 9/11, Frank helped a community organization in the DC area develop a disaster preparedness plan.  The group coordinated turning neighborhood churches into shelters and coordination centers in the event of an attack or natural disaster. The leadership was completely volunteer – they all had regular day jobs […]

If You Want to Make God Laugh (What’s a Strategic Plan?)

Woody Allen is credited with saying “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” Many people have the same reaction to strategic plans – “I don’t plan what I’m doing this weekend let alone what I’m doing five years from now!”
But most people do plan what they […]

Why Should I Bother (or, You Really Need a Strategic Plan)

We’re working at present with a non-for-profit on a strategic plan. It came about because I asked one of my “dirty three” questions – If I had a $100,000, why should I give it to your organization? The executive director had a pat answer – a worthy cause, children, […]