36 Things I Learned About Business in 2012 – Part Two


This post originally appeared on The Quality Girl blog in January 2013. 
Reprinted with permission.


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There are no jackasses. We create jackass by reacting rashly, irrationally, and not trying to understand the other person’s perspective.

There is a big difference between being unpleasant and being unkind. Sometime the kindest thing […]

36 Things I Learned About Business in 2012 – Part One

This post originally appeared on The Quality Girl blog in January 2013. 
Reprinted with permission.

Whenever you are uncomfortable, anxious, or offended, just stop. Ask yourself, “What does this discomfort say about me?” Look hard until you find the answer.


You’re going to screw up. It doesn’t mean you’re incompetent.

Don’t push yourself […]

12 Tips for Using Infographics Wisely (or, Don’t Be That Guy)

Alexander Pope said, “A little learning is a dangerous thing.” That has never been more true than today, when billions of bits of little information are just a few key strokes away. We’ve never had so much information – let alone visual information – available to us.  I mean, I […]

Quality Forests and Quality Trees

courtesy of John-Morgan, via flickrThe quality industry is aging, and aging fast. At the most recent American Society for Quality training my business partner attended in Portland, he found out that the most common characteristic of an ASQ member is being a grandparent. Quality organizations are full of engineers, managers, and […]

Refuse to Resolve


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Every year , when people start talking about  “New Years Resolutions,” I cringe and get a little nauseous.    It’s not that I’m against the traditional resolution process. On the contrary:  I review my shortcomings, cringe as I look in the mirror, and think “MAN, I […]