New Podcasts: Cultural Bias in the Quality Management Community

At Me2 Solutions we believe in Quality – but that doesn’t mean we don’t see the problems within the community.  Meredith spoke on the cultural bias in the Quality management community and you can hear her now!

In Season 4 of the Oh, Crap! podcast Meredith was interviewed about cultural […]

Take a Moment

A while ago, one of my start-up clients messaged me. It began: “You’re probably going to hate me for this…!”

That’s always a good sign, right? Sigh.

She continued: “I just committed to an amazing opportunity for us to triple our advertising exposure,” she went on. “A sponsor dropped out of […]

Inside Cheerios’s Gluten Free Fiasco – Podcast

Confused about the recall? This week, General Mills recalled 1.8M boxes of  “gluten-free” Cheerios — revealing that they were not only contaminated with wheat flour, but that they had failed to perform any final product testing before shipping them.

In these three episodes, Meredith & Frank explain what went wrong […]

VW – Expertise and Trust

Frank and Meredith discuss the Volkswagen scandal – why it happens and how we can protect ourselves.

The basic paradox is that we need experts but how do we know that we can trust them?

Listen to the podcast here.

Today’s Problems = Yesterday’s Solutions

Have you ever stopped to consider where your problems come from? Normally, we are too busy solving problems to even consider where they came from. But something or someone caused them. And while it would be convenient to blame someone else, most problems we cause ourselves because we were […]

SpokaneAMA: Fundraising Rules

Fundraising 101 seminar told us lots of rules that weren’t obvious. Where do we to for help?

There are several sources of information for help for non-profits with their operations, events and fundraising efforts.

First of all, find someone who has done it before. This could be last year’s event chairperson, […]

SpokaneAMA: Where do I get material to post?

This question came from Sara

There are actually three parts to the answer to this question:

1. Where to get ideas

There is few things more terrifying than the blank page when you have to fill it with prose – especially if it’s supposed to be world-altering prose. That’s why you’re on […]

The Two Questions Police Should Always Ask in Public Crisis

I spent most of last night following the #ferguson hashtag on Twitter. For those who aren’t up to date on the story, I won’t rehash all of the details. You can catch up here. There’s a lot to be said – that will be said – about this situation. […]

Cold Doesn’t Hurt: What My Auto-Immune Disorder Taught Me About Business

When my husband told me “Cold doesn’t hurt,” my entire life changed. In this video, I  explain how an extreme form of Raynaud’s Disease taught me that you can’t solve problems unless you challenge your assumptions.

Why working with family …

Why working with family sucks*There’s history there. “Family” means there’s a 99% probability that you have, at one point, yelled “I HATE YOU!” or “GET AWAY FROM ME” at them or been yelled at by them. If it’s a sibling, you’ve probably been on the giving or receiving end […]

Escaping Buzzwurgatory: Part III – What to Ditch and What to Keep

The company I used to work for did this “Annual Tour” where bigwig executives got us together at night, paid for a catered dinner, and gave these long winded presentations about the company. We played a drinking game – one sip for each use of the word “synergy”. 

Nobody made […]

How to Stop Being So Busy and Start Helping People

“I’ve stopped trying to read three newspapers before sunrise. And yet, I somehow feel more knowledgeable. Perhaps because I’ve finally awakened to the world around me and all it was trying to offer.”-Erica HillA few months ago, I stopped by my favorite sushi joint to grab some dinner. A […]

6 Ways You’re Undermining Your Professional Credibility – and What Really Builds A Good Reputation

Our current business culture is going through a credibility crisis.  Every day, I get Twitter messages offering me “20,000 Twitter Followers for Only $49.99!” It’s easy for anyone to throw up a fancy website, manufacture reviews, or pad a resume.  Business owners get burned at epidemic rates by contractors […]

Honest Press Releases: How AOL’s Tim Armstrong Looked Like a Hypocrite and Alienated Employees

Tim Armstrong, AOL CEO
image via wikimedia commons

Once upon a time, Tim Armstrong was President of Google’s Americas operations. He was an idea generator in a complex machine with endless resources and competent executives who balanced each other out. He had a reputation for rallying the troops with coach-style pep […]

Driving in the Snow: A Crisis Management Parable

We have had our first REAL snow fall here in Spokane this winter – being in the initial stage of a “moderate drought” does put you behind.  It’s welcome news for ski resorts and water managers and brings the usual chorus of gripes about shoveling and cold and […]

Date Rape Daiquiris, Crisis Management, and the Accidental Ouch Principle (Real Crisis in the News)

Spokane, my adopted hometown, is in the national news this morning. A new bar, The Downtown Daiquiri Factory, posted its grand opening menu on Facebook – including a drink called the “Date Grape Koolaid.” For those of you who aren’t up on the latest euphemisms, “Date Grape” […]

5 Ways to Spot Shady LinkedIn Profiles & Bogus Endorsements

Every time I log in to LinkedIn, I’m assaulted with bogus endorsement notifications. 

You know the ones:

“Joe Shmoe has endorsed you for Business Planning!”
or “Jane Doe has endorsed you for financial management!”

Every time it happens, I roll my eyes and think “What the what? I’ve never worked with Joe on […]

Why Your Business Needs Less Positive Thinking and More Problem Solving

You’re driving down the road and suddenly you hear this cacophonous CHUNKACHUNKACHUNKA noise. You smell burning rubber. Your power steering goes out. Your engine dies and you coast to a stop. When you try to turn the key, all you hear is this sad, pathetic little shuuuurrrmmmmmm sound. […]

Shut Up & Listen: The Key to Leadership Success

I belong to a large Facebook group where people discuss social issues and organize activities to help different causes.The group has had trouble with repeated racial conflicts and cultural misunderstandings recently, and members are trying to understand each other better.To help, a black member of the group (I’ll call […]

The 2013 Business Crappies: “Missing the Forest for the Trees (They Haven’t Even Planted Yet)” Award

The 2013 “Missing the Forest for the Trees (You Haven’t Even Planted Yet)” Award goes to…
Yahoo spent 2013 investing in an updated image – acquiring new technology companies and services (28 total!), launching new apps, logo redesigns, and updated user interfaces. Their new CEO, Marissa Mayer, put a human […]