What Samsung can learn from Chicago-Strength Tylenol*

In September 1982, the world was shocked at the cyanide deaths of seven people in the Chicago area.  It was soon followed with the discovery that Tylenol was the common link.  Johnson & Johnson mounted a total recall of Tylenol, halted production and distribution of the product and broadcast […]

Where We Get Ideas – And Make Them Our Own

The artist Picasso once said – “Good artists imitate, great artists steal.”  It’s a statement I’ve repeated many times to clients and others because it illustrates an important concept of where we get ideas.  After all, “There’s nothing new since the Greeks” is a very old proverb.

Of course, there […]

Learning Priorities

I’ve been reevaluating the activities I have been performing in light of my wife’s stroke.  It’s been just over two months since she woke up and saw two ceiling fans – we have only one in our bedroom.  Fortunately, it was a small stroke and she’s expected to make […]

Hillary’s Suit and Meredith’s Hair – Dealing with Biases

I was listening to my local radio morning show last week when the discussion got to the clothes that Hillary Clinton wears.  The consensus was that she dresses horribly – she’s a multimillionaire and could afford better clothes so why does she wear dumpy pant suits?  This brought to […]

Ethics in the Workplace

The subject of ethics in the workplace always create conflicting emotions in me.  There’s the sterile “Here’s the rules that you should always follow” mode – a product of countless ethics training sessions while in the Navy, as a government contractor, and later as a government employee – and […]

Emergency Preparedness – Part 5 (Recovery)

Recovery is a state of mind – as well as a physical state of being.  That’s because an emergency always leaves a trail of experiences that never completely is gone.  Ever hear of PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

First of all, there’s a sense of violation – how could this […]

Emergency Preparedness – Part 4 (Response)

Unless your job is focused on dealing with emergencies – firefighter, police officer, paramedic, emergency room personnel, etc. – the odds are very small that you will deal with an actual emergency.  For example, in the eleven years I lived in Washington state, there have been only two real […]

Emergency Preparedness – Part 2

In part 1, we discussed the five possible actions that either must be done or can be done to minimize the loss from an emergency.  In this post, we are going to examine what is arguably the most important step of all – planning.

There is a lot of information […]

Emergency Preparedness – Part 1

I have been involved with the Boy Scouts since 1978 – I bought a canoe and one of my best friends, who was a scoutmaster, started inviting me to all the camp outs.  One aspect of Scouting was always planning what to do in case of an emergency.  The […]

Enemies Agree, Friends Argue

The title is a Russian proverb I discovered recently.  And it got me thinking about who is a true friend.  Is a true friend someone that agrees with you or someone that argues with you and pushes you to excel?

Now it is natural to want to be with people […]

Making Good Decisions – Nothing’s New

I read an article this weekend about making good decisions – it seems at a team of scientists examined the way that applicants for the Cirque du Soleil were judged by themselves, managers and also by other performers.  The applicants rated themselves two levels too high while the managers […]

Optimism is Crazy

In the past ten years I have dealt with over 250 entrepreneurs wanting to start new businesses.  Every single one came in with optimism that his or her idea would be a winner.  And there were plenty of great ideas – ideas that would save lives, improve safety or […]

Technical Debt

Technical debt is not really about money – it’s about why we are where we are today.  It’s been defined as:
A series of bad decisions (both business and technical) which lead to using more resources to accomplish less
We all deal with this problem.  What computer system did you first […]

Establishing Trust

In another blow to trust, on April 21st, the International New York Times reported that:

“Mitsubishi Motors said … that it had cheated on fuel-economy tests for an ultrasmall car it produces in Japan, acknowledging its engineers had intentionally manipulated evaluations.”

It’s known that at least 620,000 cars sold in Japan […]

The Whichness of the Why

In the Lensmen series by E. E. “Doc” Smith, Kimball Kinnison teases his friend and fellow lensman Worsel by accusing him of contemplating the “whichness of the why” – implying that his friend was spending time on a useless endeavor.  But, like many questions which seem ridiculous, it’s actually […]

Two Failures – and the Customer Service Responses to Them

I spent some time recently helping my son and his family move into a new house.  It’s been over three months since they moved out of their old house in Virginia and they were looking forward to being in their new house in Washington.  The situation was the usual […]

Promises – There’s Always a BUT

It’s the political silly season – otherwise known as the US Presidential Campaign – and so we are getting a daily stream of radio, TV, print and internet pitches of why we should vote for (__________) – fill in the blank.  Now, I’m not going to discuss any one […]

Can You Keep a Secret?

Have you heard of the 3S method? In the West where wolves are a very polarizing subject – either you are for wolves or against wolves – it’s not uncommon for some people want to “eliminate” wolves. But shooting wolves is illegal except when you have a permit. So […]

Flint Michigan Water – déjà vu all over again

The crisis in Flint Michigan with their water supply brings back bad memories for me – my family and I lived a similar experience the last year I was in the Navy. We were living on the Yorktown Naval Weapon Station in base housing and our water suddenly became […]

New Podcasts: Cultural Bias in the Quality Management Community

At Me2 Solutions we believe in Quality – but that doesn’t mean we don’t see the problems within the community.  Meredith spoke on the cultural bias in the Quality management community and you can hear her now!

In Season 4 of the Oh, Crap! podcast Meredith was interviewed about cultural […]