Family First, Business Second

When I started writing this post, I was in an exam room at a medical clinic with my daughter and grandson – my grandson had been sick.  I here as moral support after a frantic phone call an hour before.  Since I was planning on working in my woodshop, […]

Why working with family …

Why working with family sucks*There’s history there. “Family” means there’s a 99% probability that you have, at one point, yelled “I HATE YOU!” or “GET AWAY FROM ME” at them or been yelled at by them. If it’s a sibling, you’ve probably been on the giving or receiving end […]

7 Rules for a Drama-Free Family Business

Folks, working with family is haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard.

There’s emotional baggage. There’s years of noogies and wedgies. You’ve probably been on the giving or receiving end of at least one teenage “I HATE YOU!” or “GET AWAY FROM ME” from your coworker or boss. And they know just how to push your […]

29 Ways to Kill a Family Business

There’s lots of people willing to tell you how to be successful – but since most businesses fail (~80% in the first five years), I figure there must be a larger market for how to fail – right? Right!So, in case you were wondering, here are some simply, […]