Making Good Decisions – Nothing’s New

I read an article this weekend about making good decisions – it seems at a team of scientists examined the way that applicants for the Cirque du Soleil were judged by themselves, managers and also by other performers.  The applicants rated themselves two levels too high while the managers […]

Your Unique Qualifications – Aren’t

Eventually, every business or organization has to answer the question – Why you instead of someone else? What makes you unique? Why should I do business with you instead of XYZ? What are your qualifications?

There are wrong answers to these questions.

We have the lowest prices – is it because […]

SpokaneAMA – Marketing a Non-profit Agency?

How would you market a non-profit counseling agency?

Marketing a non-profit counseling agency means addressing the same issues as any other organization – Why should I do business with you?

In order to answer this question effectively, I would start with your marketing efforts to current or past clients. Ask them […]

SpokaneAMA: In the fast changing media environment, what are the core principals that apply across media outlets?

This question came from Adam

On January 3, 1996 Bill Gates wrote what has been summarized as Content is King (A copy is here). The beginning is the important point:

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in […]

The Dirty Three Questions

photo credit: bilal kamoon via flickr

Whenever I start working with a client that has an idea for a new business, I always start by asking three questions:

What are you going to offer that people will give you money for?
Why would people buy what you are offering rather than something […]