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New Podcasts: Cultural Bias in the Quality Management Community

At Me2 Solutions we believe in Quality – but that doesn’t mean we don’t see the problems within the community.  Meredith spoke on the cultural bias in the Quality management community and you can hear her now!

In Season 4 of the Oh, Crap! podcast Meredith was interviewed about cultural […]

Take a Moment

A while ago, one of my start-up clients messaged me. It began: “You’re probably going to hate me for this…!”

That’s always a good sign, right? Sigh.

She continued: “I just committed to an amazing opportunity for us to triple our advertising exposure,” she went on. “A sponsor dropped out of […]

Introducing Our New Series: The Hidden History of Business Podcast

You may have noticed that I haven’t been writing on the blog much this year. That’s because for the last ten months, Emily, Frank, and I have been working on a passion project.

Last year, we started researching the history of business plans… and we came up terribly short on information. […]

6 Things You Really Need to Read This Week 7/3/2015

Good morning! Here are the articles and issues that got us buzzing this week:
1. Austen Heinz’s Suicide and The Dark Secret of Startups via Business Insider
If you read nothing else today, read this. Startup folk are suffering. They’re killing themselves.  And we’re not talking about it or taking it seriously. If […]

SpokaneAMA – Use the Google “News” Tab

Is it a good idea or helpful to use the “news” tab on Google when finding a job in a specific field?

When you have narrowed your job search to a specific firm or field, Google’s “news” tab can be a wonderful resource. Companies will divulge information in press releases […]

SpokaneAMA: Fundraising Rules

Fundraising 101 seminar told us lots of rules that weren’t obvious. Where do we to for help?

There are several sources of information for help for non-profits with their operations, events and fundraising efforts.

First of all, find someone who has done it before. This could be last year’s event chairperson, […]

Spokane PMP Bootcamp Jan 12-16, 2015 – Project Management Professional

The Two Questions Police Should Always Ask in Public Crisis

I spent most of last night following the #ferguson hashtag on Twitter. For those who aren’t up to date on the story, I won’t rehash all of the details. You can catch up here. There’s a lot to be said – that will be said – about this situation. […]

Why You Might Want to Pass on Angel Investors

  It’s the dream, right – landing an angel investor who believes in your business so much that they’ll just give you money to make it happen? But angel investors are not the answer for everyone. In fact, for many businesses, they’re start up suicide. Case in point: […]

Cold Doesn’t Hurt: What My Auto-Immune Disorder Taught Me About Business

When my husband told me “Cold doesn’t hurt,” my entire life changed. In this video, I  explain how an extreme form of Raynaud’s Disease taught me that you can’t solve problems unless you challenge your assumptions.