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Meredith Hutchison Hartley, CQIA

As co-founder of Hutchison Solutions and Me2 Solutions, Meredith Hartley helps businesses, non-profits, and individuals make work easier, less risky, and more rewarding. You could call her an executive-level janitor and corporate firefighter – cleaning up messes and putting out fires for organizations large and small. But really, she’s the project management professional you are going to want on your team when an emergency strikes.

To say she’s good in a crisis is an understatement. After all, Meredith is the youngest person ever to receive a certification from the American Society for Quality as a Certified Quality Improvement Associate. Through this rigorous training, she’s studied how human behavior causes projects to succeed or fail. Her Quality certification – along with her Six Sigma and Lean training and 13 years experience – allow Meredith to diagnose her clients’ problems so she can find their weaknesses and determine solutions to make them success stories. And she can usually figure out the initial problem in 90 minutes or less.

She’s also one of only a dozen people in the world trained in the SIRTI process. Pioneered in Spokane, WA, it’s a simple, risk-reducing approach to business planning used by several INC 500 companies. The SIRTI process helps businesses start with less money and grow with less risk.

To add to her list of accomplishments, Meredith is a Thai linguist who majored in Asian Studies, a graduate of the Defense Language Institute, a FINRA fellowship recipient specializing in military readiness programs and financial counseling, President of the Board of Trustees for SpokaneFAVS (a national-award winning journalism organization specializing in religion reporting, hyperlocal journalism, & digital startups), and one of Spokane’s 20 Under 40 business award winners.

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In the Beginning...
Meredith first learned management directing local theatre productions in Washington, D.C.. Since then, her work experience has run the gamut from national exam reviews to financial professionals, international technology firms to small software companies, non-profits to traveling tradeshows, and from large medical practices to in-home preschools. Her diverse background helps her clients solve their problems faster, better, and cheaper.
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