smartlyHave you written your 2017 resolutions yet?  If you have, then you’ve surely made them SMART, haven’t you?

SMART is the acronym for






SMART is the basis for supposedly good goals because it keep you from creating pie-in-the-sky goals that have little basis in real life.

But I have a problem with SMART goals – they don’t usually help you do them.

So, I’m suggesting you make SMARTLY Goals – they are just like SMART goals but we add

Little Steps


You see, the problem most people have with any goal is that the end may be the most admirable accomplishment in the world, but how do you actually achieve it?

That’s where the LY comes in.

Little Steps – When you set your SMART goals, identify the little steps that will get you started and the following little steps that will lead to achieving the goals.  This will help you achieve the goal because

  1. You start small – you don’t have to do some tremendous deed, just a little step.  A little step doesn’t take much effort but it gets you started.
  2. You always have time for little steps because they don’t take much time.  Whether it’s waiting in the doctor’s office or a few spare minutes before the meeting with the boss, you will be able to achieve a little step.  You don’t have to block out a big block of time – just use the little blocks of time that life presents to you daily.
  3. Any journey can be accomplish by thousands of little steps.  It may seem longer, but you actually get there.

You – The perfect way to never achieve anything is to always be waiting for someone else to do something.  Guess what?  Your priorities are not their priorities.  You have to know what you can do or must do to accomplish your goal.  After all, it’s your goal.

So, make your 2017 resolutions SMARTLY.

A physicist by trade, author by choice, a born teacher, a retired veteran, and an adamant problem solver, Frank has helped the White House, federal agencies, military offices, historical museums, manufacturers, and over 250 technology startups get stuff done, communicate effectively, and find practical solutions that work for them. In his spare time, he makes sawdust and watches Godzilla movies.