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You may have noticed that I haven’t been writing on the blog much this year. That’s because for the last ten months, Emily, Frank, and I have been working on a passion project.

Last year, we started researching the history of business plans… and we came up terribly short on information. In fact, we had trouble finding any information on how businesses were planned and run prior or the 1800s. If you listen to most modern business resources, you’d think business management was invented by industrialization  – and everyone before then was just winging it.

We knew better than to believe that.

So we started looking for stories of how businesses and communities solved problems throughout history. And whoa – did we find them.

  • We learned about food regulations in ancient Mesopotamia and China.
  • We discovered the oldest companies in the world.
  • We uncovered unexpected connections between Columbus and government contracting and Hawaiian pizza (no. REALLY!).

It filled our history geek and business nerd hearts with glee, and we decided to start sharing them with you.

You’ll find these stories — and dozens more — in our new podcast series called “The Hidden History of Business.” It’s all about history and business and technology and food and all the twisty ways they connect together and matter to us now. They’re ancient solutions with modern consequences.

We just released the first 20 episodes on our new site, The Hidden History of Business,  and iTunes, and there are dozens more on the way.

There is much geeking out.

There is unabashed nerding.

We talk about things like what Columbus has to do with eating Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas in China and Japan,

and how everything you know about Vikings is wrong,

and that time an early Chinese king built a giant lake of wine surrounded by fake trees full of meat you could eat while you paddled around it in a boat.

At one point, I actually say the words, “The cool thing about potatoes is…without any irony. I stand by my statement. Researching that episode was wicked fun. Potatoes are cool, y’all.

Head on over to the site and check it out.


You’ll also find in-depth articles, videos, news stories, and multimedia content to accompany each episode.

Click here to start listening to all the episodes in order.