Increasing Event AttendanceSuggestions for getting attendance at an event?

Rule#1: Have a GREAT event!

Have an event that excites people – whether its excitement, a worthwhile cause, great conversation – something that the attendees will be talking about the next day and week. This requires that you plan in detail with plenty of time to execute your plan. Running around like the proverbial chicken won’t produce great events.

Rule #2: Build your attendance list before you even start planning the event.

Long before you plan your event, you should be building a list of people that you would invite. Whether you are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, your Email list, or whatever – you should start now, if you haven’t already, to collect the names and contact information for everyone that you would be inviting to the event.

Rule #3: Invite early – and often.

Once you have your event planned, you can then decide who you think should be coming to the event. You should have the message about WHY they want to come this the event – you’ll answer the question of why come to your event rather than do something else – and include a Call To Action – tell them what you want them to do! With the message crafted, to can then use your attendance list to send invites to everyone that you think should be attending.

And plan to send the message or different messages several times to your attendance list because repetition will drive your event to their “top of mind.” And it will eventually be acted upon.

Rule #4: Don’t panic!

If you get little respond at first, that’s normal. Particularly in the Spokane area, people are known for deciding at the proverbial last minute to attend events.

Rule #5: Have a GREAT Event!

When the time comes, make sure the event is happening as you envisioned it to happen – no matter how many people show up! Take the long view – you want everyone who didn’t come to be sorry that they missed your event. So take lots of pictures and post them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and your Email newsletter. Show happy people. Everyone hates to have missed a great party.

Rule #6: Let everyone, especially those that didn’t attend, know what a great event was had.

You want to create ENVY in those that didn’t attend because when you announce your next event, people won’t want to miss it.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. It worked for Prell, it’ll work for you.

A physicist by trade, author by choice, a born teacher, a retired veteran, and an adamant problem solver, Frank has helped the White House, federal agencies, military offices, historical museums, manufacturers, and over 250 technology startups get stuff done, communicate effectively, and find practical solutions that work for them. In his spare time, he makes sawdust and watches Godzilla movies.